About the competition

This “DJ BATTLE” is our maiden and will be a four-weekends Competition event for local DJs to showcase their unique talents. Competitions will be aired on RBA to encourage their fans to participate in this event. The event will be featuring judges with skill sets from the industry. Judges will be drawn from local and regional spheres, as well as international Dj judges like Dj.Neptune from Nigeria, Dj.Khathu from South Africa, Dj. Kadir from Uganda among others. The objective of the competition is to identify the best mixed DJs in different styles and genres with the intention of promoting these talents, nationally and internationally, as well as recognize their talents through different Competition awards with the first winner going home with a 25 million Rwandan Francs worth Mercedes-Benz from Ndoli Safaris Company.

Judging Criteria










Public Voting

Competition phases

1st Round

8 minutes

2nd Round

10 minutes

3rd Round

8 minutes

Final Round

15 minutes

We want you to show your skills, we want you to take us on a musical journey, and most of all we want you to do YOU!

The only creative constraint you are given is that you must play at least 3 genres of music in your 15 minutes. Realistically there are countless genres of music but as Duke Ellington said so long ago “There are only 2 kinds of music: Good music, and the other kind.” So dig deep into all kinds of crates and find those 15 minutes of mixed greatness that truly represents you.

On the technical front, we allow the following: 2 players (2 turntables or cds), 1 mixer, a maximum of 2 midi devices. A one piece controller instead of players and a mixer is also technically allowed but to progress through the event you had better freak that thing. There really is no standard set up for this art form but this is the maximum allowable amount of gear for our events. You are free to do whatever you want with the aforementioned gear on the DJ desk.


1st Prize

The winner of the competition will be awarded a 25 Million worth Mercedes Benz from Ndoli Safaris Company

Best Female DJ

The best female Dj will be awarded Music Instruments worth more than 5 Million Rwf

Best Upcoming Dj

The best upcoming Dj will be awarded 2 Million Rwf

Event Goals

How To Join